planux_stations.jpgPlanux Suite Stations

VDC-VANDELTA is pleased to introduce Comelit’s Planux suite stations. The 3.5″ color monitor with on screen display allows functionality far beyond any other system in the marketplace.


  • Equipped with “sensitive touch” technology and full-duplex hands-free function.
  • Audio, ring tone, color, brightness and contrast controls.
  • You can select the ring tone you want from a choice of 7 different tunes.
  • Equipped with 1 door lock release pushbutton with LED, audio enable/disable pushbutton with LED, privacy or doctor function (selectable from menu) pushbutton, automatic switch-on pushbutton, 2 spare push buttons for various uses and 4 push buttons for menu access, navigation and confirmation.


Vandalcom is a product designed specifically to withstand abuse. VDC-VANDELTA has installed the Vandalcom stainless steel entrance panels in districts that tend to have a higher frequency of vandalism. The system has also been installed in brand new high-end multi-tenant apartment buildings where a clean and attractive appearance is desired. The Vandalcom is Comelit’s vandal-proof stainless steel entrance panel; specifically designed to withstand even the most violent vandal attacks.


  • Available in the audio, audio-video and digital versions.
  • Available in 2 different colours – steel grey and dark grey – attractive design.
  • The technology used for Vandalcom is the first and major guarantee of reliability: galvanized sheet steel boxes 1.5 mm thick, vandal proof modules made with 2 thick stainless steel plates, stainless steel pushbuttons with short run, and security screws.


VDC-VANDELTA is pleased to introduce Comelit’s Maestro suite stations. Suite Stations are the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.


  • Design award for Innovation, quality and vision that transforms experience and living.
  • Revolutionary 5.6-inch ultra-flat monitor and eight micro-switch-buttons.
  • Available in two colours: black and silver.


VDC-VANDELTA is pleased to introduce Comelit’s Diva Colour Hands-Free Monitor suite stations. Comelit continues to demonstrate innovation and leadership in the intercom communications.


  • Colour Monitor with 3.5″ high resolution LCD
  • Made of ABS plastic with aluminum fascia, fitted with brightness, call volume adjustment, door-opening push button, a voice activation push button provided with LED and 1 pushbutton for the “privacy” function provided with LED
  • This LED has dual functions one for privacy and the other to indicate the simplex speech mode


VDC-VANDELTA is pleased to introduce Comelit’s Bravo suite stations. The Bravo boasts an impressive 4″ colour screen, white gloss finish with silver bottom cover.


  • Fitted as standard with door-opening push button and two push buttons for various functions
  • Signaling LED, brightness and contrast adjustment and slide call volume adjustment
  • The “Privacy” function, which allows the video entry call to be temporarily excluded, is standard and is obtained by positioning the call volume on zero
  • The Loudspeaker is Mobile and can be taken to the ear for private conversations
  • Can be converted into the desk version
  • Requires 5724C Bracket or 572CI Bracket for Intercommunications
  • Optional 5712 Desk Base
  • Dimensions: 212 x 225 x 55 mm

Comelit_Style_handset_collection.jpgStyle Handset Collection

VDC-VANDELTA is pleased to introduce Style Handset Collection. This is a perfect solution for audio only applications.


  • Telephone with electronic call, conversation button on the base; call tone volume adjustment, conversation privacy, call tone privacy, door opener push button and supplementary push button for porter switchboard call.
  • By means of selection jumper, the second push button can be used to control actuator.
  • Complete with dip-switch with 8 positions for selection of the desired user code.


VDC-VANDELTA is pleased to supply the Powercom entrance panel. The original design and functionality created by Comelit is revolutionary in the industry.


  • Its exclusive blue LED night lighting gives the entrance panel elegant sophistication.
  • Simple, strong and clean-cut lines, attractive colours and top quality materials, such as the frames, aluminum corners and stainless steel make Powercom an entrance panel which combines sturdiness with style.


VDC-VANDELTA is pleased to supply the Roma, an entrance panel that is elegant, stylish with ideal modern functions.


  • Comelit’s Roma is designed for large modern homes and historical mansions.


VDC-VANDELTA is pleased to introduce the HFX-800M suite stations. Hand free color expandable video intercom kit w/audio video memory recording.


  • Includes master monitor, doorbell and power supply.
  • Expandable up to 2 door stations and 4 monitor stations. (SD card NOT included).


VDC-VANDELTA is pleased to introduce the HFX-700M.


  • This video intercom is not only convenient to use, but more importantly it provides an additional measure of security for your family.
  • For residential or commercial applications where access control is a concern, the system safeguards your entrance while remaining user-friendly.
  • Comelit intercoms offer peace of mind because users can safely identify visitors before answering the door.
  • Simply by ringing the doorbell, the system transmits live audio and video directly to the monitor.