HID Global Access Control

VertX EVO™ V2000 is a two-reader access control panel that enables interface with two doors (single reader) or one door (in/out reading).

The EVO V2000 handles all online door decisions, door input monitoring and output control and reader interface for up to two doors. The solution has two inputs per door for door monitor and REX, and two outputs per door for lock and AUX.

VertX EVO V2000 also includes three inputs for AC power fail, Battery power fail and Tamper, and is powered by a local power supply (12 or 24 VDC).


  • Provides a complete and fully functional hardware/firmware infrastructure for access control software host systems
  • Enables the replacement of head end software without visiting the access control panel, reducing change out costs
  • Stores a complete access control and configuration database for up to 2 Reader Interfaces (up to 2 doors) and 250,000 cardholders
  • Connects to the host and other devices on a TCP/IP network
  • Receives and processes real-time commands from the host software application
  • Reports all activity to the host; reports supervised inputs /alarms with 255 priorities
  • Provides fully functional offline operation when not actively communicating with the host access control software application, performing all access decisions and event logging
  • Interface for two Wiegand or Clock-and-Data readers; inputs for 2 door monitors, 2 REX switches, AC fail, Battery fail and Tamper.
  • Non-latching relay outputs rated 2 A @ 30 VDC
  • 2 door strikes (configurable)
  • 2 auxiliary devices (door held/forced alarm, alarm shunt, host offline (communication down),or general purpose)

HID ProxPoint Plus

HID’s ProxPoint Plus reader combines multiple configuration options with an attractive, inconspicuous design and economical price. Its secure potted electronics are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Small, low cost reader features a beeper and multicolor LED which can be host and/or locally controlled.
Potted reader suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Classic Series covers available in black, gray, white or beige. Designer Series covers available in black / gray.

Key Features

  • Features a beeper and multicolor LED which can be hostand/ or locally controlled
  • Enables various beeper and LED configurations, depending on individual site requirements
  • Can read HID cards with formats up to 85 bits
  • Designed for mounting directly onto metal with no change in read range performance
  • Available with either Wiegand or Clock-and-Data (magnetic stripe data) output
  • Compatible with all standard access control systems
  • Aesthetic design available in two cover designs and in four colors

Lumidigm V4xx Fingerprint Sensors

The Lumidigm V4xx Fingerprint Sensors and Modules combine convenient and reliable biometric authentication with variety of security features including strong liveness detection, data encryption and tamper resistance to provide an exceptional user experience while eliminating fraud and protecting identities.

Ideal for banking applications, the V4xx offers individual bank customers easy and worry-free access to their accounts. And, because institutions need to know who is actually present for the transaction rather than simply who has the card or knows account details, true end-to-end security.


  • Eliminates fraud — Biometric authentication binds an individual ensuring that the person transacting is who they claim to be
  • Establishes trust — Data communications and the institution’s systems are secure, ensuring the the transaction
  • Simplifies access — Quick and easy, allows individuals to access their accounts with a single touch of a finger