The Protégé System is an enterprise level integrated access control, intrusion and building automation system. Modular design allows operation in single site right through to multi-national corporations. Highly integrated 32 Bit microprocessor based Protégé Integrated System Controllers and modules provide a feature packed adaptive system.

The Protégé EliteSuite Eclipse LED Keypad is a complete modern security system for alarming your facility.

Apartment Condominium Control

Operating in the Condominium Control mode the Protégé EliteSuite Eclipse LED Keypad provides a complete standalone 8 zone, 8-user local alarm system.

  • Operates autonomously when communication fails, without the need for a Protégé EliteSuite Integrated System Controller.
  • Locally program Siren, Entry and Exit Delay timers and configure the operation of up to 8 users with Arming and Disarming options.
  • 8x zones (zone duplex) can be used for Delay, Instant, Follow, Fire, Fire Delay and 24 Hour Operation.
  • Conforms to the UL/ULC fire control specifications
  • A simple easy to follow configuration menu available during initialization achieves configuration and addressing of the Protégé EliteSuite Eclipse LED Keypad.

Feature Highlights

  • A sleek, stylish alternative, this keypad fits in with modern protégé while still providing a user-friendly interface to the Protégé EliteSuite alarm functions.
  • Features 4x onboard zones (8 with duplex zone operation)
  • 1x PGM Output
  • Capacitive touch keypad
  • Can function as part of the Protégé EliteSuite or as a complete standalone solution.
  • Fire, Panic, and Medical alarm options
  • 8x separate user codes