CDVI Atrium V2.0 2-Door Controller + 8 Door Expansion

The AC22 is ATRIUM’s powerful 2-door main controller. 8 additional doors can be added to the AC22 main controller, using AX22 door expansion units, for a total of 10 doors. The AC22 main controller’s on-board Ethernet port with AES 256-bit encryption includes a user-friendly embedded web server enabling you to manage Users/Cards, lock or unlock doors, view system events and display controller information from any place in the world! The AC22 main controller includes a pre-assembled universal power supply and features an RS-485 auto-detection communication bus eliminating the need for confusing jumper and DIPswitch settings. Keep RS-485 cable expenditures to a minimum using common 4 conductor quad cable. Industry-unique and effortless card enrollment mode minimizes system start up and simplifies your life. Implements secure access control quickly without a computer!